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Welcome to the official NewGrounds account of Hans Ivan. I'm from the Philippines. BlueFire here. I will upload all my music here. I am also known as "Platinoob" in Geometry Dash. Though, I am very inactive. Pls Like my FB page "A Page To Satisfy Myself".

Hans Ivan Mendoza @aBlueFire

15, Male

high school, hehe.


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Congratulations for being scouted and FRONTPAGED, FuzionTech. You made really good songs. Here is FuzionTech's best song: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/840654

Also, I've been SCOUTED too. Did they really fall for the tag or just really liked my songs. I'm only a minor producer, y'know, but thank you for supporting. I'll upload new songs soon...

FuzionTech plans to buy FL Studio sometime in the future. Not sure if he truly copes with his real intent, but at least it's what he wants. I'll just stick to the demo for as long as like like. We'll both upload more juice as time passes by.

In some point, for some reason, I've been scouted more than a week after I submitted this post. I was not quite ready but now I have some plans. I expected to get scouted at summer break or March. I'm not very available specially at my age. Here's what got in my way: (as BlueFire)

- School

- Anime

- Rarely, Geometry Dash

- No internet

- Buzy or lazy

- Facebook (memes, vids, etc.)

- Life...

- Other stuff...

Yes, I'll be busy with anime hopefully I can watch 20 animes this year. If I focus on anime binging, my time & opportunity as a minor producer will be significantly reduced. But I'll have more time this summer. Speaking of anime, check out & read the description of my song "Waifu", BTW.

I've made a lot of songs. But as a user of only a demo version of FL Studio, I wont do much and wont be really original. At least, this keeps me sane and satisfied. Yes, I am a certified produ-... NO! certified audiophile!

I've learned a lot of ways to make sounds. Specially from tutorials & FuzionTech himself. I had even more discoveroes by myself & even helped FuzionTech in his song "Supernova". But I'm not considering it a collab just help with growls from what I personally discovered. We'll do a collaboration soon. You'll see...

FuzionTech taught me on his vocals & that specially modified Piano 6 of Harmor. It was such a big help.

In case you ask what genres I do or focus on, I'm on a variety and I made a lot of remixes. I don't focus on 1 genre. Plus, I'm on the demo version. I can't do very much.

Not gonna write much. Out of time, ideas & energy so let's leave it to the comments. Also please check out my previous news for stuff you missed. Not much really. I'll upload more music soon. Stay tuned.

Like & Follow my FB page "A Page to Satisfy Myself".

GD Account: Platinoob (I'm very inactive tho).


[In case you want the source of this anime, it's "Infinite Stratos" (Season 1 OVA).]



Feel free to discuss & shjtpost in the comments!


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